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Nothing beats a good story told out loud. Abner currently offers two live storytelling programs, with more in the works:

Original Short Humor

If you are a fan of our Tall Tales & Shaggy Dogs soundcast, this program may be for you. Abner tells some of his best stories in this hour-long performance, including extended versions of Wolverskunk and No Shortcut to Glory. Abner's yarns are family-friendly and intended for audiences of all ages, but we do not as yet offer a program of original humor especially written for the very young.

Classic Narrative Poetry

The rhymes we learn when we are young stay with us for the rest of our lives! In this hour-long program, Abner draws from an extensive repertoire of poems written by such well-known poets as Robert Burns, Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, Robert W. Service, and W. S. Gilbert. As you might guess, Abner is particularly fond of nonsense verse, but he knows quite a few serious poems as well. If your event is built around a particular theme (Halloween, for example), we can put together a program to suit your needs.

Please contact us to schedule a performance!

Past Performances