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Tall Tales & Shaggy Dogs: Stories and short humor by Abner Serd

Tall Tales Shaggy Dogs

In 2015, we launched the Tall Tales & Shaggy Dogs soundcast, featuring short humor stories narrated by Abner Serd. For the first 200 episodes, the show followed a daily release schedule, with a new 2- to 3-minute tale appearing every weekday. Beginning in 2016, the soundcast switched to a weekly release schedule, with a new (slightly longer) story being added each Wednesday.

Tall Tales & Shaggy Dogs is a "clean" soundcast, appropriate for all ages. Abner is best known for spinning yarns about his adventures out on Wild Side, and for his frequent Town Side conversations with a wide circle of eccentric friends. But occasionally he will tell a different kind of tale, meant for a younger audience. Sometimes instead of a narrative story, Abner will recite a poem or sing a funny song. Many of Abner's songs have been featured on Succotash: The Comedy Soundcast Soundcast.

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If your preferred player does not carry Tall Tales & Shaggy Dogs, try copying the feed URL into the player's search box. You can also listen to individual episodes without subscribing, simply by pointing your browser to the feed URL. Whichever platform you choose, please remember to rate and/or review Tall Tales & Shaggy Dogs. Thanks!

Note for public radio stations and networks: you may license episodes for broadcast via the Public Radio Exchange.

What is a soundcast?

You might be wondering, what is a soundcast? Did you mean to say, podcast?

Yes, it's true, the two terms are synonymous. But as our friends over at Succotash have pointed out, the word "podcast" is obsolete. It refers to a specific listening device which has basically been discontinued by its manufacturer (Apple's iPod). Besides, the word "podcast" never did describe the medium all that well. So the good folks at Succotash have suggested rebranding "podcasts" as "soundcasts."

Now, we are a bit old-fashioned here at Tall Tales & Shaggy Dogs. We are not early adopters, by any means. In fact, we'd prefer to call it a Victrolacast. But somehow we don't think our preferred terminology will catch on, so we're happy to give soundcast a try.