Sounds like a story ...

The Legend of Pedestrio:
A Wilderness Tall Tale

by Abner Serd

In a world full of whimsical creatures, colorful characters, and places that can only be reached on foot, an itinerant storyteller and a shy backwoodsman track a mysterious, ancient wayfarer known as Pedestrio. It is said that Pedestrio can speak to the trees. He can sing the songs of birds whose voices haven't been heard for millennia. He knows the ways of all living things. But a powerful Earth spirit is also stalking the elusive nomad, and all of Pedestrio's knowledge could be lost forever — unless our heroes can find him first.

You already know Abner. Either that, or you're uncommonly lucky to have landed on his website purely by chance. And you may already be acquainted with Abner's friend Vern Acular, though it's completely understandable if you've never laid eyes on him. You see, Vern's a mite shy. He knows more about swaddle bushes and five-legged catawampuses than he does about people. He's a tracker, a forager, and a self-taught naturalist — sometimes he doesn't show his face Town Side for months on end.

But now, here's the crux: everybody's gotta have a hero. Somebody they look up to. Somebody who knows more than they do. Somebody who's better at doing the one thing they do best. Vern's no different, except for this: he's never met his hero. Never even caught a glimpse of him. Vern was never even sure his hero existed — right up until the day Vern and Abner find a clue that starts them off on an epic journey halfway across Wild Side in search of a million-year-old man called Pedestrio, who is said to walk the Earth by day and the sky at night.

The Legend of Pedestrio is an 86,000-word comic wilderness adventure. It is a family-friendly adult novel — sort of a grown-up Phantom Tollbooth, as embellished by Mark Twain. The full manuscript is available to agents and publishers upon request. Please contact abner[at]