Sounds like a story ...

The oral storytelling tradition is older than the Internet. It's older than radio. It goes back to a time long before stages and theatres were invented. Shucks, it even predates campfires.

Before Maui pulled New Zealand's North Island out of the sea with his magic fishhook and a good, sturdy line, he told the tale of an even bigger island that he almost caught ... until it wriggled off the hook and got away.

Think of Abner's tales as a part of that old storytelling tradition. The stories are contemporary, yet timeless. The settings are not specific — they could come from anywhere and anywhen. For the most part, each tale is written as if it is being told out loud.

Whether you are reading one of Abner's tales or tuning in to the podcast, just imagine you're sitting around a campfire, listening to an old friend spin his yarns.

New Blog Section! To help Abner stay in touch during his inaugural storytelling tour of New England this May, we have created a new blog section for his website. Read about Abner's adventures as he wanders from town to town, singing songs and spinning yarns! Leave a comment, or just say hello! And if you are in the neighborhood, come and let Abner tell you a story! Please check the Upcoming performances page for dates and locations. Sample videos will be posted as soon as they are available.

You are welcome to browse the recorded stories found within these pages. If the stories sound right for your group, please contact us for booking information.